Pure Cow Butter Ghee 

Pure Cow Butter Ghee (Anhydrous Milk Fat).
Pure Cow Butter Ghee is the product obtained from prime quality raw materials (milk, cream or butter) to which raw materials no neutralizing substances have been added. Anhydrous milk fat products are manufactured in three common and distinct varieties:

1.  Pure Cow Butter Ghee: Must contain at least 99.8 percent milk fat and be made from fresh cream or butter; no additives (for neutralization of free fatty acids) are permitted.
2.  Pure Cow Ghee Butteroil: Must contain at least 99.8 percent milk fat but can be made from cream or butter of different ages; use of alkali (an additive) to neutralize free fatty acids is permitted.
3.  Butteroil: Must contain at least 99.3 percent milk fat; raw material and processing specifications are the same as for Anhydrous Butteroil.


Specifications Physical & Chemical Specifications:

Pure Cow Butter Ghee

Fat  : 99.8% min
Moisture : 0.1% max
Free Fatty Acids : 0.3% min
Cooper : 0.05 p.p.m. max
Iron : 0.2 p.p.m. max
Peroxide Value : 0.2 max
Coliforms : Absent in 1g
Taste : Clean, Bland
Odours : No pronounced, unclean or objectionable odours.
Neutralizing  : Absent

25 Kg cartons or 190 Kg steel drums .

*Approx. values
Shelf Life Pouch Packing : 9 Months
Tin Packing : 12 Months
Jar Packing : 6 Months
Bulk Packing : 12 Months
Storage condition Dry and Cool place


Nutrition Fact
per 100g/100ml product (approx…)
 Energy (kcal) 897
 Protein (g) 0
 Sugar (g) 0
 Fat (g) 99.7
 Cholesterol (mg) 250
 Sodium (mg) 0
 Calcium (mg) 0
 Phosphorus (mg) 0
 Vitamin – A (mcg)  700


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